Presentation of Arany Kapu Zrt.

Arany Kapu Borászati ​​Melléktermék Feldolgozó Zrt. is located in Kunfehértó, in the country's largest wine region. The company's activities go back more than 50 years. The privately owned Hungarian plant in Kunfehértó, which employs nearly a hundred people, collects the by-products of grape processing and winemaking from all the country's wine regions for distillation. At the same time as processing, it solves the environmentally friendly, concentrated destruction of grape marc and wine lees, which are otherwise classified as waste. Our supplier partners include nearly 300 Hungarian wine-producing companies.

The plant in Kunfehértó, which was established in 1970 and whose main activity has always been the distillation of by-products of winemaking, was prepared for the distillation tasks arising from the Union's common wine market regulations before Hungary joined the EU. Between 2003 and 2005, the company modernized the producer's technology and energy system with a significant investment, and at the same time more than doubled its processing capacity. As a result of the expansion, the plant became suitable for full-scale, environmentally friendly, controlled processing of winemaking by-products produced in Hungary. The processing is carried out in a unique way in our country, using complex technology, during which the grape marc and wine lees is processed for raw alcohol, grape marc spirit (GI name: törkölypálinka), calcium tartrate, grape seed from grape marc, and by burning the grape marc residue heat energy is produced, which covers the entire heat energy requirement of the technology and the heating of the buildings. The installed distillery and refining capacity is also capable of wine distillation, from which wine spirit or brandy is made.

The bioethanol is made from a significant part of the raw alcohol obtained by distilling by-products of winemaking. The ISCC ( International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) procedure for biomass and bioenergy required for our customers is carried out regularly by our plant.

This winemaking by-product processing model is therefore one of the clearest examples of the circular economy within the agro-industrial sector.

In addition to winemaking by-products, Arany Kapu Zrt. annually buys a significant amount of fruits for the purpose of making fruit spirits (GI name: pálinka). Our company currently produces the largest quantity of pálinka and törkölypálinka with a protected geographical indication in the EU.

We also produce a wide range of bottled spirits and pálinkas in our beverage production plant using our own spirits and pálinkas, mostly for the orders of those companies that produce and distribute spirits.

Arany Kapu Zrt., as a distillery and spirits producer is a member of the Hungarian Spirits Association and the WIDEN association founded by European wine distilleries.